Who We Are

Our Story

It is our great pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce to you QATFA Trading W.L.L., hoping you find it pleasant and convenient to stay informed about our products and services.

QATFA Trading W.L.L was established in 2017, to explore the opportunities of importation and wholesale distribution system of food items and organic goods in the State of Qatar. Within a very short time span, QATFA Trading W.L.L has become a major market leader in Qatar in different food chains, wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants and consumers in Qatar.

QATFA Trading W.L.L has entered into strong and long term business agreements with some international organizations to ensure continuous flow of globally accepted consumer products for our various outlets.

QATFA Trading W.L.L has been making an outstanding progress to provide the best quality and services along with its customers and meet any requirements of all clients since its foundation. And we will never be satisfied with what it has achieved but will continue striving to expand its capacities and capabilities to provide The Best in the food industry.

This is the image what we have done so far and what we are capable of doing in the years to come. And this is also an expression of the determination of the company to strengthen the value of the business to the greatest possible extent for the satisfaction of our customers as well as our stakeholders and at the same to make a significant contribution to society.

We will continue to make our all-out effort to be recognized for the better service to our customers, superior quality & performance of our distributed products, competitive prices and timely delivery.

Our Values


We will demonstrate the highest ethical standards in all interactions


We will be accountable to all through the efficient and environmentally responsible use of resources


We will foster cooperation to all through the empowerment amongst our derive staff and community partners


We will treat all our relationship with respect


We will continually seek to provide excellent service through the development of new and improved methods in this industry

Empathy, Passion, Empowerment

We encourage and support the best in ourselves and those we serve and provide opportunities for everyone to participate in fulfilling our mission

Health and Safety Policy

QATFA Trading W.L.L recognizes the importance of food safety throughout the supply chain particularly at all stages, from food sourcing, storage, handling and distribution. Everyone within the organization has the collective responsibility of food safety and has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and the consumers. We recognize also its responsibility for providing all employees, clients and customers with a healthy and safe environment in which to provide. The company aims to maintain an effective food safety practices and services that comply with legislative and meet basic standards.

QATFA Trading W.L.L acknowledges and accepts the principles and responsibilities which are embodied in these acts, regulations and by-laws which relate to health and safety in the work–place. By following these statutory requirement, it is our aim to minimize the potential risk or loss to personnel, property and products.

We guarantee that our products are stored at international standards at one of the many fully temperature controlled warehousing facilities and always prioritizes high-quality and food safety as a player in global market and a supplier at global standards. Our products hold BRC, FDA, ISO99001, ISO2200, ISO 14001 and Halal Food Certificates at national and international food standards.

Our distribution team strive towards its objective of providing a high-service network, operating a low-cost operation by designing a network that is superior to our competitors and to increase productivity and enhance customer service levels to have the competitive edge of serving today and on-going distribution needs.